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Jefferson Jefferson, one of Jeff’s outstanding progeny that we decided to keep, is producing some seriously nice looking stags. They are very blocky, muscular animals and are cutting good velvet. He has over 100 progeny on the ground now and we are never disappointed with what comes through the shed. If [...]



Toby Toby is a powerful English Sire who continues to breed exceptional animals for the industry. He is an incredibly important bloodline in that he had great carcass conformation, exceptional temperament and adds growth to whatever he is bred to. His pass on ability is second to none and a Toby [...]



Atlas Atlas is a consistent performer in the DEERSelect cross herd Breeding Values for the 12 month yearling weight D.B.V (W12BV +19.1kg). Atlas is a son of Maximilian out of an important Nelson hind. Nelson was a Shultze-Wrede (German) x Jonathan (Warnham). Very interesting to note that this fine stag is [...]



Nelson Nelson was an exceptional english x german stag who has epitomises the perfect all round stag - growth rates, exceptional carcass conformation and great temperament. And to top this off he cut an exceptional head of 8.6kg at 6 years old. Nelson genetics are deeply ingrained in Peel Forest Estate. [...]



Strauss Proven Maternal Sire Strauss is a very heavy built stag. Grandson of Nelson and son of top ranked hind Lola. A stand out stag of his year at 150kg at 12 months from a maiden hind at the time. Fantastic temperament, tremendous conformation and an excellent DBV for growth of [...]