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Walton “WALTON” is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding young sires that we have ever bred. He is a son of MURCHISON out of an outstanding daughter of TAYLOR. He has now grown the industries heaviest ever two and three year old velvet (to our knowledge). He won the National 2yr [...]


Big Mac

Big Mac Big Mac is a pure Warnham Sire who possesses huge beam, not only in the main structure but also in all of his tynes. His impact in our herd was immediate, producing very heavy beamed sons that not only cut excellent weight velvet but also went onto grow top [...]



Harvey “HARVEY” has been one of the New Zealand deer industry’s leading sires. His extraordinarily heavy antler structure has left its mark on both velvet and trophy genetics now being used in New Zealand. In his prime “Harvey” grew the heaviest velvet for age for any New Zealand Red Stag at [...]



James JAMES was one of the greatest ever Warnham Park sires in New Zealand. He was an extremely well bred and heavy bodied Warnham Sire. He had outstanding velvet and a placid nature. One of his greatest attributes was his very high pass-on factor for his genetics, and many of New [...]



Hudson “HUDSON” was a young PURE WOBURN sire by McLEOD who had heavy correct Woburn velvet, and absolutely huge tops. Unfortunately he died suddenly at only four years of age. We have already sold a very heavy antlered son of his (Stag “706” sold 2010) and have some very nice daughters [...]



Riley “RILEY” is a very promising young Pure Warnham sire whom we have bred at Windermere. He is a son of “TRAVIS” out of DAM 160, the mother of “JAMES II”. He weighed 185kg at 2 years, and was velvetted early on stag walk day. He cut 4.4kg S.A.V. with 20cm beams [...]



Taylor “TAYLOR” is a truly magnificent son of “JAMES”, and is now recognised as one of New Zealand’s foremost Warnham Park sires.  He is leaving very quiet natured progeny and is strongly passing on his outstanding velvet genetics. One of his sons “AUSTIN” was the red deer Supreme National Velvet champion [...]


James ll

James ll “JAMES II” was a son of “JAMES” out of DAM 160 (Andrew × Ramasses). He was an awesome looking stag with a beautiful nature very similar to his sire. At two years he weighed 195kg and grew an absolutely huge head of grown out velvet weighing 8.4kg with 19 [...]



McLeod “McLEOD” is a great son of “HARVEY” who has made an exciting contribution to Windermere’s Woburn genetics. “McLeod” has been prolific in producing outstanding young sires and top- producing females. “Felix” was a “McLeod” son bred by Westbush Deer. He had an S.C.I. score of 456 1/8 at 3 years, [...]



Murchison “MURCHISON” was a magnificent Pure Warnham son of “THOMAS ALBERT”, who was bred by John Bates and purchased by Alf Kinzett of Murchison.  He was a very heavy bodied stag (290kg at 4 years) with outstanding velvet as shown in photo, which won the National Velvet Competition 4 year class [...]



Sovereign “SOVEREIGN” is a genuine Pure Warnham Park stag that was bred at a totally Pure Warnham Park herd farmed at Midmar Castle Estate, Scotland. All the foundation males and females were purchased from Warnham’s Bailinghill farm, and no other outside bloodlines were added to the Midmar herd. “Sovereign” is a [...]



Travis “TRAVIS” is a stunning son of “TAYLOR” out of DAM 478 × JAMES. He has a very placid nature, huge body and very strong velvet. At two years of age he grew 4.41 S.A Velvet, a N.Z record for a Pure Warnham at that time. He is leaving very heavy [...]



Toby Toby is a powerful English Sire who continues to breed exceptional animals for the industry. He is an incredibly important bloodline in that he had great carcass conformation, exceptional temperament and adds growth to whatever he is bred to. His pass on ability is second to none and a Toby [...]



Troy “TROY” is a very promising young Pure Woburn son of “HARVEY”, going back to Woburn 81 and Woburn 86 bloodlines on his dam’s side. He has long-beamed round antler with very heavy tops. He will become a very impressive Woburn sire in the future. Sire [...]



Victor “VICTOR” is an outstanding PURE WOBURN sire. He is a big stag with a beautiful nature, and grew an amazing 33 point 2year head with SCI. 348. He was one of four embryo brothers, and all four made the sale line up for our 2010 sale. This consistency of breeding [...]



Aztec “AZTEC” is an outstanding Pure Woburn son of “TAMAR” out of DAM “817”, who is a full sister to “McLeod” and is also the Dam of “Austin”. He is a beautiful natured and heavy-bodied stag who has extremely heavy velvet as well as a strong trophy head. His sire “Tamar” [...]



Windsor “WINDSOR” is a very special young Pure Warnham sire. He is a son of “JAMES” out of the famous old Warnham DAM “358” by “TERRY”. “358” was the Dam of “TARQUIN” owned by Rockvale Deer, and was also the Dam of two previous outstanding sires by “James” and one of [...]