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Trophy Sires



LALO produced a very big head for 2yr old standards with a massive 550 6/8 IOA. As you can see in the pictures he has plenty of mass and great length with 32 inches long. This is a very powerful pedigree with dam 151570 being BARKLEY’s (697 IOA at 5yrs) full sister. Huge scoring ability [...]



Coco Coco bloodlines have been very successful crossing with all types of breeds here at Peel Forest. He has extreme wide spread with very heavy beam. Coco has multi pointed royal tynes, which he passes on to his progeny. Many of our top young animals coming through are sons of Coco. [...]


Rob Roy

Rob Roy Rob Roy, son of Ryan, brought a new bloodline to the stud. He offered a genetic outcross as he came from the Romulus line, an earlier excellent Furzeland Sire. As a 2 year old Rob Roy had a magnificent set of antler and stood out in very good company. [...]



Blandswood This trophy sire carries the exceptional trophy bloodline of Awesome, Brusnik, Heathrow and Marko. He grows an excellent style head suitable for velvet as well as trophy. He has a clean heavy styled antler with massive front tynes and huge beam. Sire Performance Data Age [...]



Jamieson Pure Furzeland. Jamieson has been the most important foundation sire for the Peel Forest Estate Furzeland herd. In 1998 Jamieson was the New Zealand National Trophy Champion. His SCI score was 573. More important than his own statistics, has been his ability to pass on his superior genetics with [...]



George George is a pure Furzeland Sire stag that has an eye catching long antler structure. His head is more of the classic ‘red’ type with long bottom tynes and great length in his tops. He has crossed well with all breeds of deer at Peel Forest which shows the potency [...]



Sebastian Sebastian is an excellent example of the Furzeland potency. Very multi pointed tops with exceptional beam. He has cut the heaviest antler weight for age for the past 3 years. His 5 year old head weighed an incredible19.64kg (two days after cutting) and had scored 502 6/8 MI. The imbalance [...]



Ryan Pure Furzeland A very special master sire that is an extended bloodline within our Furzeland herd but possess the most important characteristics of having four strong bottom tynes both sides. This trait which he is passing on can produce up to an extra 30 S.C.I. points crucial to a [...]



Brian Pure Woburn Brian was an important Pure Woburn stag introduced into the Peel Forest genetics because of his excellent antler length, not only in his tops but also the whole structure. He was the exception to the rule for this long antler trait within the Woburn bloodline and was [...]