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Trophy Stags at Peel Forest Estate

Our goal here at Peel Forest Estate has always been to breed attractive, classical Red Deer Antler.

We haven’t been influenced by the trends of the day or the race to breed the biggest scoring stags. We believe the antler that appeals to the eye has long clean tynes, wide sweeping structure and is undoubtedly a classical Red stag. It’s our belief that these types of stags will always be sort after and Peel Forest Estate is known worldwide for this type of style.

Our master stag Chancellor Peel has sired the first stag to score 800 SCI and also 900 SCI. We realise that score is an important element of the breeding programme but  always endeavour to breed the true classical ‘red stag’ look in our breeding philosophy.

Many Peel Forest stags are now being used as corrective sires to tidy up their heads that have become very ugly or disfigured and not aligning with the Red Deer look.

3yr old Group

3yr olds