Project Description


“McLEOD” is a great son of “HARVEY” who has made an exciting contribution to Windermere’s Woburn genetics.
“McLeod” has been prolific in producing outstanding young sires and top- producing females.

“Felix” was a “McLeod” son bred by Westbush Deer. He had an S.C.I. score of 456 1/8 at 3 years, and went on to score 502 S.C.I. at 5 years.
“Hudson” our outstanding young Woburn sire is also a son of “McLeod”
Several of our top Woburn females are full sisters to “McLeod”, again confirming the strength of this genetic line from “Harvey”.

Sire Performance Data
Age LW Velvet HA Points Score
1 21
2 6.8kg O.G.1. 31 (est.)
3 5.2kg S.A.V.
4 7.6kg S.A.V.
6 285kg 40 466 6/8
McLeod Pedigree