Big Mac

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Project Description

Big Mac

Big Mac is a pure Warnham Sire who possesses huge beam, not only in the main structure but also in all of his tynes.

His impact in our herd was immediate, producing very heavy beamed sons that not only cut excellent weight velvet but also went onto grow top antler that had the added bonus of scoring high for CIC as well as SCI. Big Mac’s final head when grown out was certainly something to behold, scoring 293CIC and 434SCI. The most impressive thing about this head was 36cm circumference in his main beam!

Sire Performance Data
Age LW Velvet HA Points Score
4 6.68kg SA2
5 8.8kg SA2
6 9.5kg SA2
7 18.15kg
8 10.85kg SA2
9 9.84kg SA2
10 11.75kg SA2 293 CIC
11 434 SCI
Big Mac Pedigree