Project Description


Atlas is a consistent performer in the DEERSelect cross herd Breeding Values for the 12 month yearling weight D.B.V (W12BV +19.1kg).

Atlas is a son of Maximilian out of an important Nelson hind. Nelson was a Shultze-Wrede (German) x Jonathan (Warnham). Very interesting to note that this fine stag is not a pure Eastern bloodline and will therefore be an important sire for the industry.

Another very pleasing characteristic of Atlas is that he has a great placid temperament and excellent body conformation which he is passing through into his progeny.

Sire Performance Data
Age LW Velvet HA Points Score
1 154kg
2 5.14kg 13
4 4.36kg
5 5.2kg
6 346kg
EBV 18.1
Atlas Pedigree