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All deer now being bred and farmed by Peel Forest Estate Stud have their genetics originating from one of two famous English parks, Warnham Park and Woburn Abbey. Some deer will carry a combination of genetics from both Parks.

This breeding philosophy is to maintain and advance the best of the pure source bloodlines; and there by to provide opportunity for subsequent stud and commercial farmers to make their own outcross decisions.

With our many years of following certain well performing lines of Warnham and Woburn deer, we are able to offer animals who will carry a high degree of heritability, this applies equally to both hinds and stags.


Warnham Park deer in New Zealand have been imported from Warnham Park in Sussex, England. This outstanding bloodline has made an enormous contribution to the development of Red Deer antler genetics. Traditionally Warnham Stags have wide, heavy beamed antlers which are suited to velvet production and trophy antlers. Windermere stud has selected only the best of the Warnham Park genetics, and through many years of intensive breeding and embryo transfer programmes, now has one of the finest herds of these deer.

Two sons of our Warnham master sires have won the Supreme awards for the finest head of velvet in New Zealand at the New Zealand National Velvet Competition. Windermere Stud is now breeding with some of the finest Warnham Park Stags and Hinds in New Zealand.


Woburn Abbey deer in New Zealand originated from the extensive deer park at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire, England. There, as at Warnham Park, the deer have been selectively bred for over a hundred years to produce majestic stags with prestigious antlers. Traditionally Woburn Abbey stags have always had heavy beamed and strongly multi-pointed antlers; which are ideally suited for velvet production and the trophy market.

Woburn Abbey deer were also one of the key foundation bloodlines used in establishing the Furzeland bloodline in 1977.
Windermere Stud is breeding with some of New Zealand’s leading Woburn Abbey bloodlines, and our heritage sire “HARVEY” still holds the New Zealand record for the heaviest ever red deer velvet to win the supreme award at the New Zealand National Velvet Competition, That is 11.59kg (25.5 lbs) at nine years of age.