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The Forrester bloodlines we produce here at Peel Forest Estate are bred for hardiness, solid body conformation, fertility, pass-on growth to their offspring and impressive velvet attributes.

Forrester’s are unique to Peel Forest Estate in that these sires not only increase productivity through their superior genetics for growth rate’s, hardiness and heavy velvet, but also have Johne’s resilient genetics that will further enhance profitability by considerably reducing stock and production losses.

Forrester Composition

There are several key components that make up the Forrester Sire.

  • English and German bloodlines
  • High 12-month growth rates for English genetics
  • Deep, sturdy body conformation
  • Heavy, clean Velvet
  • Johnes Resilience to pass onto progeny
  • Quiet Temperament
  • Eye Muscle mass – Achieved through Ultra-sound scanning
  • Worm Resilience through Carla Testing


Forrester Sire’s must achieve the following goals

  • Pass on growth rates to their progeny
  • Spiker progeny to produce heavier velvet prior to slaughter
  • Create Johnes Resilient animals – higher productivity
  • Record exceptional conception rates over large hind numbers
  • Quiet temperament
  • Produce the ideal breeding hind
  • Winter and recover post rut with ease
  • High meat yielding carcasses (achieved through improving eye muscle area)

Conclusion We believe we have clearly identified the needs of the industry and are in a position to offer genetics with the correct traits to assist farmers achieve their production goals. Further work with processors will help analyse the potential for high-yield carcass and premium meat quality from resilient animals. Talk to us or our existing clients about our Terminal and Maternal Sires.

“Hakataramea Station have been purchasing stags from Peel Forrest since 2013 and have returned annually due to the success we have with them.  We finish all our weaners and the high growth rates of the Peel Forrest stags help us meet our aim of more meat out the gate earlier with the high velvet genetics being an added bonus to the spikers.  Temperament is also an important selection factor for us and we find these stags easy to work with in the yards.  We enjoy the passion and professionalism that Graham, Steve and the team operate with and find the communication both before and after purchasing excellent” – Richard Gray, Hakataramea Station

“Peel Forest stags form the largest percentage of stags here at Glen Echo and this is increasing every year. The reason? Its simple – they produce. We run a Red herd of 2000 hinds with all surplus progeny finished on farm. Our mean kill date is moving forward every year and our hinds are consistently achieving scanning percentages in the high 90’s. These stags are everything I want in an animal. They provide me with animals which have a deep carcass and hinds who will carry fat reserves well into the winter. Velvet is excellent and of good industry type with many of our 4 year plus animals achieving 6kg+….I have no hesitation in recommending these stags to any prospective buyer”. – Peter O’Brian, Glen Echo Station, Te Anau

“We run 8000 SU of which 3000 SU are English red deer. We have regularly purchased sire venison stags off Peel Forest Estate since 2010. We are extremely pleased with the genetics they have given to our deer farming enterprise. We have increased deer numbers retaining most replacement weaner hinds out of the progeny of these stags. Scanning of the R2 hinds this year 274 hinds and only 2 scanned dry. Incredible result especially as we were still in drought when mating took place. We are very pleased with the temperament of these stags and the progeny performance and hardiness appears to be outstanding. All the progeny appear very even and are good weights. Majority of weaners are finished by the end of October which suits our farming environment.– Mark and Gill Forrester, North Canterbury