Forrester Auction – 9th December 2016

/Forrester Auction – 9th December 2016
Forrester Auction – 9th December 20162017-08-11T13:42:07+00:00

Viewing at 12pm. Auction starts at 1pm

Welcome to the annual Peel Forest Estate Forrester Sale 2016

It is so apparent that we as farmers must run the right type of animal to suit the country we run. Gone are the days of being able to run a one-stop-shop stag and be able to maximise the potential of our land and stock. As the cattle and sheep industry have been doing for years, we must use a dedicated sire to do a specific task, whether it’s to produce the right type of replacement females, terminals or velvet.  The Forrester bloodlines we will sell in our pre-Christmas sale are bred for hardiness, Johnes Resilience, fertility, pass-on growth to their offspring and ever increasing velvet attributes. Hinds bred from these Forrester Sires will be efficient, hardy, fertile animals carrying a solid base line of growth genes and when mated to the right type of Terminal Sire, will be able to produce high growth, fleshy offspring.

We fawn our Forrester’s on hill country and they must perform as commercial deer are expected to. EBV’s are important for selection, but just as important are hardiness, reproduction and Johnes resilience. Being able to not only survive under adverse conditions but also regain body weight to conceive early is very important.

The stags we are putting up for sale have been wintered in a large mob of 300 animals on fodder beat and balage. There has been no pampering of these stags and under the right care, will perform remarkably when moved to your property.

The Forrester’s this year exceptional. We have seen a great lift in EBV’s across the board and the velvet weights are very pleasing so far with 3 cutting over 7kg. As I write to we still have over half to cut but I can assure you there is some nice velvet on the way. The Forrester we passed in at last year’s sale (we call him Jobie) just cut a very tidy 8.6kg SA2 head, up from 6kg last year, so we know that these heads go on to produce heavy velvet.  We will update our website regularly with stags that haven’t been cut for 3yr velvet.

Having quantifiable data like an Angus catalogue is where we see the Forrester bloodlines in the future. Mating this type of female to a B11 Terminal sire to produce the ideal carcass, or keeping your herd Red is your choice. There is a range of growth EBV’s represented in the sale that will be ideal for both.

As always we stand behind the stags we sell and if there is anything you wish to know about any of the stags please ring me or call by for a viewing.