Forrester Auction – 8th December 2017. Viewing at 12pm, auction 1pm

/Forrester Auction – 8th December 2017. Viewing at 12pm, auction 1pm
Forrester Auction – 8th December 2017. Viewing at 12pm, auction 1pm2018-11-23T14:35:14+00:00

Welcome to the 2017 Forrester Stag Sale

  • Friday 8th December from 12pm

What a rewarding time to be farming deer, whether you are producing venison or velvet, and many do both, you will be reaping the rewards of hard work and faith in an industry that has come through some difficult times. It’s with growing confidence we can push our production forward by using genetics with proven production figures.

The Forrester herd here at Peel Forest is constantly lifting in growth rates, cutting more velvet and maintaining excellent temperament making these deer a pleasure to farm.

The stags for sale this year are a very clean line and reflect all the attributes we aim for in this bloodline. Eye Muscle Scanning, Carla Testing, DeerSelect EBV’s and regular weighing are only a few of the things we use as a tool to select these stags. All stags go through a physical examination of their testicles and are checked for feet conformation, with regular handling temperament is observed and are blood tested for Johnes.  Johnes Resilience must not be underestimated as a Forrester stag can help repel this disease that can be very costly.

The recent feedback from clients has been very satisfying with many now saying the Forrester bloodline is all they need. With the schedule maintaining a higher level over a longer period the Forrester stags are producing spikers that cut more velvet and progeny that grow into heavy carcasses.

We welcome all prospective buyers to view the stags prior to the sale and if there is anything I can help with regarding stags in the catalogue please give us a call.




Withdrawn: Lots 11, 12, 33, 41, 47

Video of the lineup on Friday

VIEW Velvet Photos below (all cut now)