Forrester Auction – 7th December 2018

/Forrester Auction – 7th December 2018
Forrester Auction – 7th December 20182018-12-04T15:57:02+00:00

Welcome to the 2018 Forrester Stag Sale

Friday 7th December from 12pm

The continued high returns for venison and velvet are great reward for all those that have stuck at deer farming when many others chose to pack it in. The improving genetics be it growth rates, velvet or muscle mass is certainly on a steep upward climb.

This year we offer stags by four new sires being Zebulon, Sherman, Squire and Notlaw. All these stags are the perfect examples of what we believe is the makeup of the ideal maternal bloodline. Excellent temperament, very good carcass type and growth genetics for English and English x Euro deer that are at the top in the industry. Two of the sires cut well over 10kg of velvet and of interest to some maybe that lot 5 in 2015 cut 11.8kg of perfect velvet this season.

We are very pleased to find that ‘JimBob’, a stag we intend using a lot more in the Forrester program, has showed an amazing Carla result (resilience to worms) placing him at the top of the country with a figure of 486.45. Also the eye muscle scanning is now becoming a selection tool as there are more and more people doing it, which means the data is a lot more accurate.

Reports from Silver Fern Farms have been that Forrester progeny are finishing very well with yields at 58% and killing out at excellent weights in early spring – as early as 20th September for straight reds.

It is very rewarding hearing feedback from clients not only in the performance of the deer but also the ease of which these deer are to farm. Temperament is extremely important. Quiet deer tend to grow better and above all are a pleasure to handle.

We welcome all prospective buyers to view the stags prior to the sale and if there is anything we can help with regarding stags in the catalogue please give us a call.




Withdrawn: Lots 20, 54,55

VIEW Velvet Photos below (updated 3rd Dec)