Forrester Auction – 6th December 2019

/Forrester Auction – 6th December 2019
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Welcome to the 2019 Forrester Stag Sale

Friday 6th December from 12pm. Auction at 1pm


At Peel Forest Estate we have been working hard on multi-trait selection with the Forrester bloodlines. Growth rates are very important, but equally important are such traits as eye muscle area, parasite and disease resilience. The unquantifiable traits such as temperament and conformation are also extremely important. These traits combined contribute to producing an animal that grows well, is healthy, quiet, well put together and hardy. The Forresters are a truly magnificent line of deer here at Peel Forest. The feedback we are getting is very positive and we can assure you we are going to continue to improve these deer year on year for your benefit.

This year we have seen a substantial lift from last year’s sale with yearling weights going from 117kg average up to 126kg average. W12BV (12-month growth) has jumped up from 9.7 to 13.11 average.  Average velvet weights have increased from 4.9 kg to 5.8 kg at the time this was written with some big heads still out in the paddock. With this significant genetic improvement in the Foresters we aim to see your deer farming operation advance alongside us.

We have some exciting younger progeny coming through the system now with pure English 2yr olds in excess of +20 for W12BV. We have been introducing some new bloodlines and one new sire that we purchased from Pampas Heights (Magnum) has been progeny tested and now sits a close second on the English DEERSELECT ladder for 12mth growth at 17.2. Not only that, he just cut an impressive 13.3kg of velvet as a 5-year-old. You will also see a good representation of JOBIE son’s in this year’s sale line-up. JOBIE is a magnificent stag with a very deep body and lovely velvet.  Zebulon, (Marks favourite Sire) has a good representation this year too. He is extremely quiet and is leaving high EMA and CARLA progeny as you will see in this catalogue.

Although this is a Venison genetics sale, you will see some pretty impressive velvet weights off these Forresters. The two main reasons we have been putting good velvet genetics into the Forrester bloodlines is not for the Sire himself (still a bonus when he cuts big velvet) but for the spiker progeny to cut better spikes and also have your hind base carry good velvet genetics. With having to cut he spike off anyway prior to slaughter so why not cut better velvet? Client feedback tells us they are averaging $91 per spiker which equates to another $1.50 on the venison schedule. This along with 60kg carcass weights yielding 58% LW-carcass make them a very profitable line of deer.

We welcome all prospective buyers to come and view the stags leading up to the sale so please don’t hesitate to contact Mark on 0277799008 for private viewings.

Lots withdrawn: Lot 5, Lot 8 and lot 26 (lame)

Photos update: 4th December. (all cut now)

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Lot 56 – 161376

Lot 57 – 161557

lot 58 – 16237

CLICK HERE for Sale Day Weights. (Average is 236kg)