Forrester Auction – 4th December 2015

/Forrester Auction – 4th December 2015
Forrester Auction – 4th December 20152017-08-11T13:36:13+00:00

Viewing at 12pm. Auction starts at 1pm

Welcome to the annual Peel Forest Estate Forrester Sale.

The Forrester bloodlines we will sell in our pre-Christmas sale are bred for hardiness, Johnes Resilience, fertility and pass-on growth to their offspring. The sires we have used to produce these animals certainly tick all the boxes for these attributes.

The country where we farm our hinds has changed over the years and it is important we have bloodlines that can perform in these conditions. Being able to not only survive under adverse conditions but also regain body weight to conceive early is very important. We fawn our Forresters on hill country and they must perform as commercial deer are expected to. EBV’s are important for selection, but just as important are hardiness, reproduction and Johnes resilience.

Velvet is a valuable commodity and these deer must carry genetics that pass-on the ability to grow good, clean velvet. We are always endeavouring to improve this.

Over the past 12 months we have milked, yes milked, our Forrester hinds. We will again do this next season, milking the Forrester hinds and hope to have data come through as to how well our bloodlines milk. Having high lactating Forrester hinds to rear a large terminal fawn is a valuable trait to add to our Forrester line. This is a very exciting program and looking forward to seeing the results.

Having quantifiable data like an Angus catalogue is where we see the Forrester bloodlines in the future. Mating this type of female to a B11 Terminal sire to produce the ideal carcass, or keeping your herd Red is your choice. There is a range of growth EBV’s represented in the sale that will be ideal for both.

As always we stand behind the stags we sell and if there is anything you wish to know about any of the stags please ring me or call by for a viewing.


Steve Blanchard

Steve Blanchard - Peel Forest Estate

Steve Blanchard


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