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B11 Terminal Sires

Peel Forest Estate believes in keeping farming production systems simple, especially in extensive operations.
To produce venison profitably and simply you require reliable effective Terminal Sires and efficient robust, hardy and healthy hinds.


When Peel Forest Estate expanded its deer farming activities and set up a 3,500 commercial breeding hind herd, we identified the need for a Terminal Sire with powerful genetics that was highly productive, totally reliable, easy to maintain and eventually had measured genetic merits. We employed Dr. Peter Fennessy of Abacus Bio Ltd., a science genetic evaluation company in Dunedin. They analysed the desirable genetic traits and developed a breeding strategy for Peel Forest Estate to create the Superior B11 Terminal Sire.

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B11 Sires must achieve the following goals:

  1. To utilise the advantages of hybrid vigour to enhance superior growth rates.
  2. To achieve early calving within a tight range.
  3. Reliable high libido obviating the need for back up stags.
  4. Increase the number of hinds a stag can cover.
  5. To be an easy care, easy to winter hardy sire.


We selected the correct conformation and growth rate superior elk bloodlines together with early calving high libido eastern deer identified with superior breeding values. Bloodlines for hardiness and disease resilience were also a very important inclusion.


  1. Early calving. Scanning & foetal assessment indicate high percentage of first cycle conception.
  2. High conception rates. We are currently achieving up to 98% conception rates using 2 year olds at a rate of 1:30 with no backup stags.(one client used 3 two year olds on 186 hinds and had 6 dries! Not recommended but proof of their libido)
  3. Growth Rates. B11 progeny appear to be growing at same rate as Wapiti crosses but with more consistent progeny per sire. With careful selection growth rates are continuing to increase.
  4. Hardiness. Clients have noted that stags come out of the roar in excellent condition and appear very hardy. They are proving to be very easy to winter.
  5. Johnes Resilience. From the extensive work we have carried out with the Otago University on Johnes we have achieved a degree of Johnes Resilience in our B11’s, which is passed onto their progeny.

B11 progeny

B11 Progeny